Neanthophylax subvittatus (Casey)

Recorded Montana Distribution

The Montana Record for Neanthophylax subvittatus (Casey) is based on a literature record, we saw no specimens of this species. The record is from a dot on a map of the range of the species in North America that is probably near Ravali Co. However, we cannot be sure, so no country record is mapped. See page 111 in Chemsak, J. A. 2005. Illustrated Revision of the Cerambycidae of North America. Vol. II: Lepturinae. Wolfsgarden Books, Burbank, CA.

Distribution: west central USA (Colorado)
Biology and Hosts: unknown
Collecting Notes:
Flight Period: June
Size: 9-11mm


Neanthophylax subvittatus

Photos courtesy of Larry Bezark via Photographic Catalog of Cerambycidae of the World: