Tubifex - Whirling Disease Literature Review

This review will cover all aspects of Tubifex tubifex relevant to whirling disease research and management. Papers using Tubifex as an experiment animal for pure research and those using Tubifex only to feed other animals are omitted. This will be a 2 step project. The first is to find the references, papers and note the key findings. The second will be to summarize the important subject areas and cite the relevant papers. Please feel free to sent additions and corrections at any time. I am organizing the papers by date, rather than author to better appreciate the development of various subjects. The newest papers are on top.

Step 1. Bibliography with some Abstracts and Point Summaries

The numbered point summaries are my own interpretation of key points relevant to whirling disease research and management. The first point may be my overall impression of the work.

  1. Identification, Distribution and Systematics
  2. The Whirling Disease Connection
  3. Ecology

Step 2. Synthesis and Summary

This will get started once the above bibliography is better developed.

27 AUG 1996, updated on 31 AUG 1996 by D.L. Gustafson 
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