Montana Oligochaeta List Summary

These are poorly known in Montana, but they are under current investigaiton in support of salmonid whirling disease research. Currently 6 families and about 31 species are known from Montana.

The following codes apply to the species list:

  • ?species -this species is expected in Montana, but not yet seen, or recognized
  • !species -this species is reported from Montana in the literature, but not yet seen.
  • species? -this species is not fully verified in Montana yet.

Recent Discoveries

Everything is recent- I will start using this for 1997 finds!

Research Needs

This remains a wide open field in our area. I am particularly interesting in getting help in sampling the bottoms of Montana lakes.

Some name changes


  • Ralph Brinkhurst and Deedee Kathman (Aquatic Resources Center Franklin, TN) have provided useful information of working with oligochaetes and they have determined many Montana specimens.
  • Mark Wetzel (Illinois Natural History Survey) provided useful information of working with oligochaetes and has determined some Montana specimens.

13 APR 1996, updated on 29 DEC 1996, D.L. Gustafson 
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