Montana's Largest and Most Diverse Natural History Museum

The Montana Entomology Collection (MTEC) is located in several rooms in Marsh Labs, and contains an estimated 2 million+ curated North American (north of Mexico) specimens of invertebrates, concentrated on the Northern Great Plains and Rocky Mountain. Strengths of the collection include regional holdings of aquatic insects and other invertebrates, Coleoptera, Diptera and Apoidea. Facilities include the collection itself, associated library, quality work space, photographic equipment, laboratories and offices. Wireless internet is available, as well as Ethernet CAT5e 10/100 connections at 6 workstations. In addition to the North American MTEC, other research collections associated with the Curator's and Associate Curators' research have strengths in global Coleoptera, West Indian Insects, and pollinator and behavior work with Hymenoptera.